How to Play Responsibly

How will I know if I need help?

Asking yourself these questions will help you determine whether your gambling is no longer entertaining and is perhaps out of control.

Do you bet alone on your computer for lengthy periods of time, avoiding work or other obligations?

Have you have to raise your gambling bet to acquire the thrill you seek?

Irritability and agitation without gambling?

Do you believe you gamble to avoid other troubles or problems?

Have you ever pretended to be winning when you are really losing?

Have you attempted in the past to limit your gambling time or money but failed?

Have you ever been tempted to cheat to fund your gambling?

Have you ever gone back online to try to recoup your losses?

Have you ever kept your gambling secret from someone close to you?

Have you borrowed money that you couldn’t pay back due of your gambling? Are you in debt because of your gambling?

Have you ever sold something to fund a gambling habit or pay off debts?

Do you breach agreements to family and friends so you may gamble?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may need to restrict your gambling.

You may also use the BeGambleaware website’s private ‘Worried about your gambling’ questionnaire and their Gambling Calculator to see whether your gambling is becoming a problem.

What should I do if I believe I have a gambling problem?

Que faire si j’ai un problème?

To regain control, you must first admit that there is a problem and that you are willing to tackle it. Having done so, you have taken the most important step.

Standing back and seeing you have been exhibiting any of the aforementioned behaviors may be enough to help you modify your approach and regain control. You may also require guidance, advice, and support.

Never be ashamed to seek for assistance.

Steps to keep in control:

Ask a trusted friend or family member to manage your money for a fixed period of time (say three months) or to help you create a budget.

Limit your online deposits, spending, and time. Our suggested gaming sites enable you to set your own spending limitations.

Reward yourself during “gambling-free” times by treating yourself or your family to something nice.

Finally, quit gambling. Exclude yourself from any betting or gaming websites. If you choose exclusion, you should take a vacation from ALL types of gaming.

If you wish to limit access to additional online gaming, betting, or gambling sites, go to

Mark each day you don’t wager on a calendar to track your progress.

Self-help services

If you require more specialised aid and counselling, please contact one of the independent help agencies listed below.


GamCare is the UK’s premier supplier of free information, guidance, and assistance for problem gamblers. They are discreet and non-judgmental.

From 8am to 12am, you may reach them on 0808-8020 133. For discreet counsel, information, and emotional support, they provide live chat. There’s also a group chat where you can share your experiences and gain support from others in similar situations.

The GamCare Forum is a 24/7 online messaging board. It gives everyone a safe space to talk about their issue.

Take a brief self-test to see how safe your gambling is. Find local therapy, learn about self-exclusion, and budgeting.



Gamblers Anonymous is a group of men and women who get together to tackle a shared issue and help others do the same.

Their website has a forum, chat room, literature, and a meeting locator.

Gamblers Anonymous meets every day around the UK.

Gamblers Anonymous


You may seek free and confidential support online at BeGambleAware or by calling the National Gambling Helpline on 0808 8020 133.

You can learn about how gambling works and whether you or someone you know has a gambling issue.

Squirrel can assist you with budgeting and spending control. It can also teach you about self-exclusion and the applications that may aid you with it. BeGambleAware also informs you about gambling banning software like Gamban.

NHS Foundation Trust National Problem Gambling Clinic Central and North West London cares for persons with a broad variety of physical and mental health issues. They are a top London-based addiction treatment and rehabilitation provider.

Their National Problem Gambling Clinic offers assist with gambling addiction. The clinic treats problem gamblers aged 16 and up in England and Wales. The facility analyzes and treats both problem gamblers and their loved ones.

Their team includes a psychiatrist, psychologists, family therapists, and debt counselors. Those who finish therapy usually overcome or greatly lessen their gambling issue.